Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Development 1/18/05

Well, using profiling tools I was able to find a fairly major issue in how we were handling outlining in ApexSQL Edit. We were basically looping through all outlining regions looking to see if the current token would be the end of the statement. However, we were not checking to see if the token fell within the range of the outlining section so we ended up checking every section and doing a recursive check even when it was impossible for a token to be within an outlining block. I fixed that code so that outlining in Edit should now be significantly quicker, especially when opening large files with outlining turned on.

Also continued to look for other improvements that can be made to performance issues and also continued to look at making results display vertically in grids in the same tab, similar to how QA does it. Having an issue with splitters working correctly, the IE web browser control loading items properly when displaying "for xml" queries, and getting items to show on the first execution. I hope to have this in for v2.15 but may either delay v2.15 to maybe 2nd week of Feb or drop some additional items I had planned to make sure this item gets into next build since so many people have asked for it.

Probably won't be doing much more development tonight since I am giving the presentation at the local .NET User Group tonight (www.ptnug.org).

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