Thursday, February 24, 2005


Developer 2/24

The last several days development had mainly been on small items such as small fixes and items posted by users. We have added the following new items so far this week:

1. Ability to script constraints
2. AutoReplacements that span multiple lines will now be inserted at current indentation level.
3. UDFs that return tables will now provide Intellisense for the columns, ie. select * from dbo.udfThatReturnsTable() f where f.[Column List should appear here]
4. Fixed some issues with the syntax generated when executing a sproc to make it include named parameters.
5. Included OUTPUT for out parms when they are inserted by intellisense
6. Added ability to have lists and data lists in SQL templates.
7. A content divider will now appear under "go" to provide visual separation of batches. (Default is ON, can be turned OFF)

Also fixed an issue where intellisense would replace what user typed with closest matched item, some other fixes as well.

We did change the visual display such that the document list now takes up the entire width of the app and works slightly different. Instead of the <> to loop through tabs, it now has a drop down when there are more tabs, much like what you get when there are more toolbar options to display. The reason for this move is to first of all to go with a single control suite for menuing and toolbars and also this new method fixes the problem that occurs currently when clicking on a toolbar item and having the windows do whatever it is they do where they go to normal size then re-maximize. This should make the windows flicker-less when switching by clicking on a doc tab.

We are also looking at possible providing tooltip items when a user hovers over text in the editor. So, when hovering over a table or column, a tooltip item will be presented that might contain some information. For a column, we thought about maybe having datatype (although datatype would most likely come from looking up column in database and not specific to the current context. Not sure how useful this would be since it could br wrong but would take too much time to parse and determine what table column came from, maybe).

Not sure what info would be helpful for stored procs or tables or functions. Maybe list of params, MS_Description property or something else? If you have ideas, please post them on the forums with the subject NEW FEATURE:Tooltips so other readers of the blog will see the post and we can attempt to keep all posts to this together.

I have also done some more testing with my SCC interface and it looks like it is about ready to be inserted. I plan to test some object mappings against an SCC system tonight using the interface. This will involve manually changing the object mapping file to include info specific to SCC integration. If this works we will go about fully integrating SCC into Edit. Once the integration is finished we will begin with the Object Mapping Mgmt screen to manage the object mapping process.

That's all for developmkent today, please post on the forums if you have questions or issues.

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