Thursday, February 10, 2005


Release 2/10

Well, I finally wrapped up the v2.15 release late last night and turned it over for placement on the web site. I wasn't able to get all the things I wanted in v2.15 such as server drop down, changes to statement log viewer, and object mapping but each had valid reasons to be moved to a future release.

Since we plan to begin including SCC support in Edit with the v2.16 release, the Object Mapping piece just made since to move to that release since it will have to integrate with SCC as well so there was no need designing something for v2.15 and then redesigning it for v2.16. The server drop down and statement log viewer items also got nixed for this release because of implementation issues. They should make it into v2.16.

I am happy with what made it into this new release. Around 10 or so issues were fixed, with a couple of them generating the majority of the exception reports I receive. Maybe now my email want fill up as quick :) This release also finally adds vertical results so that multiple result sets (including XML results) can be displayed in a single tab vertically instead of multiple horizontal tabs. I was also able to get rid of using the HTML browser control for XML result sets and use the editor control after getting XML outlining and syntax highlighting to work like I want.

Also added some nice new items to Quick Info that make it more useable. Added the ability to have multiple queries for a single column and also to allow additional data from the resultset to be used in the query. The quick info window can now also stay open even when the user clicks back in the editor, allowing a "tidbit" of info to remain visible.

Also added a new Alias feature to let users pre-define aliases for tables so that the user can use the alias in the select clause to bring up column list before defining the table. There is even a setting to have the alias auto-inserted when the user picks the table from a drop down list.

Some smaller features were also added such as the ability to see release notes, ApexSQL forums, and newsgroups in the editor directly, auto fit of result columns, additional features on object search screen, advanced grid copying in the result grid, as well as the ability to easily copy a range of cells to the clipboard. You can now click in a cell, hold down the shift button and click in a different cell, and the range of values with be copied to the clipboard in Excel format (tabs between columns, CRLF between rows). This should make it easier to copy ranges of values from the grid to other programs.

Most of the new items were added based off of user requests on the forums so please continue to post new items on the forums as well as report any issues. For v2.16 some of the features I want to add include SCC, Object Mapping, Projects (ability to create projects with script files, results, etc and open them all up so that a project can be worked on easily), a TODO UI screen (type -- TODO: Some text on a line and then press Ctrl+F2 to see TODO now), expand TODO to look in database objects that are not currently open, table editing feature to let user edit table columns, drop object ability, permission viewer/modified, and other small fixes.

All of the above may not make it into the next version, but the primary focus will be on SCC, Object Mapping, and then table editing, projects, and TODO.

Thanks and keep "Edit"-ing - Ashton
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