Thursday, February 24, 2005


Using Edit - TODO: Items

There is currently a feature in Edit that most people are unaware of (I'm sure it's my fault :)

In an Edit window type the following:

-- TODO: My first TODO item

Now, press Ctrl+F2. A task list window will appear and will list the TODO item that you just added to your file. If the file you added it to has a filename, then that filename will appear. If there is no filename, then it will indicate that. In () the line number of the TODO item will appear. You can jump to that line number in that file/window by double clicking on the TODO item in the list. The active window should switch to the current window and the cursor should be on the line number that was specifed for the TODO item.

The task list will currently display TODO items for any open query windows. We would like to expand this feature in several ways. We would like to give the task list the ability to look in the database itself and find any procs, functions, triggers that have TODO items listed in them and allow the user to double click on these and have them opened. If the item is object mapped then it would open the mapped file and not the database item instead so the user could work on the source controlled version.

We also thought about making the TODO line non-editable by users and having the TODO process managed by the app. This would allow the user to add more TODO info such as user, status, etc., and allow the user to change the status of TODO items, add additional info, assign to users, etc., such that when viewing the task list, users could view TODO items specific to them, of a specific status, etc.

Try out the TODO feature now and see if you think it is useful in its current state and if it would be useful with the changes listed above or if you have changes you think that would make it even more useful.

Please post forum topics under the subject "BLOG:TODO Tasks".

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