Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Development 3/1

Well, I was able to implement custom tooltips when you hover over items in the editor. This should provide benefit to let users see info about a table/view/function/proc while in the editor. One of the nicer things I've found in testing is that, especially with table values functions, it will show not only the parameters, but the columns in the table that is returned.

Below is the tip from the Customers table, notice how it also incorporates MS_Description properties, if defined, for the table and columns:

Also, here is a function with a parameter and some columns:

I will probably add @parms for the v2.16 release. I may try to columns at a later date because to do columns properly, we'll have to do more parsing to try and determine ownership of the column.

If you have comments about what you see in this post, please post in the forums under BLOG:TOOLTIP so that others will know what the post is in reference to.

Also, in the shots, you might notice the new document tab list at top. This piece of the app was changed since the new control fixes the flicker when switching documents and provides the ability to re-arrange tabs as well as smart ctrl+tab tab switching.

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