Thursday, March 17, 2005


Development 3/17 - SCC

Well, the SCC integration is almost complete and ready for testing by some users who have volunteered to test the SCC against a variety of systems.

My initial tests seem to show that it should work fairly well although with SCC being a somewhat limiting API, all of the features currently in Edit for SrcSafe will not be available with SCC. For example, the user will not be able to navigate the entire SC explorer as they can with SrcSafe but will be able to navigate at a project level. We are working to make it easy to switch between SCC projects and even have "saved" SCC projects so that the user can switch between them easily.

Some other differences will be in things like the history of files. Edit shows a custom history form where SCC shows the history form from the SCC system (if available and supported by a vendor's SCC implementation).

Once SCC is complete and out to testers we will begin on the object mapping mgmt screen and hope to have it complete sometime late next week. At that point we will begin wrapping up some items, adding any last minutes fixes and hopefully prepare for the release which should be the last week of March.

This has been the longest amount of time between releases, mainly due to the complexity of adding in the SCC integration. Future release should go back to 4-5 week range instead of the almost 7 weeks that this release has taken. In the future we may concentrate on getting out releases quicker with smaller number of items so possible 1-2 major enhancements and other smaller issues per release so that we can get changes out to the community quicker since this release has many items that would improve the current use by all users but is in a state where it cannot be released due to SCC and object mapping in a state of flux.
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