Friday, March 04, 2005


Development 3/4 : SCC

Well, I was finally able to hook a schema object to an SCC based Source Controlled item (in Source Gear Vault). I was able to successfully connect to the SCC system from Edit and also get latest and check out the file. I was not however able to check it back in since something is not wired correctly on that piece, but hey, who needs to check things in :)

Hopefully by early next week we should have the SCC functionality integrated and can begin full testing and possible involve others in the user community who use various SCC enabled systems since we are only testing using Source Gear Vault. We are currently working on opening pre-mapped objects so currently we have to add the mapping entry manually. For those that will be using the SCC object mapping, it will behave slightly different when specifying linkages between the database and SCC items since SCC does not allow the full tree navigation of all projects that Source Safe API does. This means that different "folders" or "projects" will maintain separate entries and may require a login when switching between projects. We are trying to minimize the logins required to the SCC system but some systems will require the SCC user to login more than others. This is not something related to Edit but related to SCC and the specific Source Control system.

We are looking forward to getting SCC out there for users to begin using and also the new object mapping interface to make the process of Database and Source Control integration easier and more powerful. Please continue to check the blog for additional information that we will be posting about the SCC integration.
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