Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Development 3/9 - SCC

Well, SCC integration is coming along. I've been able to check out, check in, undo check out, and add items in the schema mapping. I still have a ways to go like mapping a database, handling the source control explorer, etc. Hope to have all of those done over the weekend so that I can start getting some SCC users to test the basic functionality early next week. The process is going a little slower than I had hoped but it is coming along and working very nicely (at least with SourceGear Vault which is the SCC system I'm testing against).

I also finished the Task form and item mods so that when you open the task form now it will immediately search all open windows for tasks and then will thread off looking at procs, functions, and trigger texts in open databases. These will appear in the task window as they are found. Double clicking on a task that is in a database script will now open the script in a new window if the object is not mapped or open the mapped object if it is. I am thinking about looking at mapped object scripts as well for tasks.

I also added the functionality although still need the UI to do custom keywords in the editor. I have added 5 server/database types


and one universal type:


That can be modified so that items in these parsed cases will format as defined by the user, so the user can modify formatting color for these items in the editor.

By default, when connecting to a database, the editor will load the basic types for the five main types, so that by default the editor will use tables/views/etc. from the current connection and highlight them. The user can customize these per server/database using a list of specified tokens or a sql script that returns a resultset.

The UserCustomToken can be customized by entering a list of tokens.

This feature will make it so that tables/procedures/etc in the current script are highlighted differently than standard tokens which should make scripts easier to read and items easier to find.
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