Monday, April 04, 2005


Development 4/4 - Almost v2.16

Well, we are almost done with the v2.16 release. We still have a few small items to finish development on dealing with some task issues as well as the new object mapping management screen, but we are hoping to release v2.16 very shortly.

This has been one of our longest releases, dealing with the complexities of supporting SCC and the amount of testing required to handle SCC as well as to make sure that Source Safe still works using the VSS API. We did add a new feature over the last couple of days to help make working with parameters a little easier. When the user hovers over a parameter/variable in the editor script, the editor will attempt to show the user the parameter/variable and its declared data type. If the item is a parameter and has an optional value, then that information should also be shown to the user as well.

After we release the v2.16 release, we hope to get back to having releases out every 5-6 weeks or so. We have backlogged a lot of new features we would like to add for the next release so stay tuned.


The ApexSQL Edit Team
looking forward to it

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